If you have been to whatsapp today (which I am sure you have), then you must have noticed that it’s a whole new experience. We woke up to a whatsapp we’re not used to, one that enables you use photos, videos and GIFs to create message stories.

IMG-20170224-WA0010 IMG-20170224-WA0011 IMG-20170224-WA0012

This is very much similar to Snapchat, who register over 2.5 billion snaps every day. Facebook is known to have bought Whatsapp last year for a whooping $19 billion and the owner is known to try many things in improving their services to social media users. By the way, last year Facebook brought a key Instagram feature (Instagram stories) to Facebook and it seems he is doing the same by cloning Snapchat’s most interesting feature.

IMG-20170224-WA0008 IMG-20170224-WA0009

The status have a 24-hour lifespan, but you can change. So instead of the three options, now you have four with the new one being  the camera option which you can use to go live, take photos or a video, caption it and edit before posting it to your audience.

What do you think of these new features?