Bahati has not been a happy man recently due to the drama that has surrounded his life. Recently, his baby mama, Yvette Obura was on his neck with demands. During the latest Being Bahati show, the baby mama demanded a house and car citing that they would belong to her daughter.

“… When are you buying me a car? Because I am tired using a cab.I need a car to drop Mueni to school and pick her.When you buy the car for Mueni, I will be the one driving it …”

As if that’s not enough Mueni went ahead to demand a house adding that Bahati had the chums for the same. “I know you can afford a house for your child…Today is that day,I don’t want to know if there are cameras on ..” Bahati’s response was however unwelcoming.”What is the car for and I pay for Mueni’s taxi…?”


That however did not sound like toto la Mama’s response. He’s always full of surprises you know. Mueni may be on the wheel soon.