It’s been more than one year now since we embraced Gengetone as part of our music. We are used to their crude lyrics, their twerking girls in the music videos, their repetitive beats. Despite all these, we still enjoy the new genre of music that is gengetone. It makes for good club hits, and we are people who love to have fun, so why not?

However, when Boondocks gang, a popular Gengetone group known for its’ members X-ray and Odi wa Murang’a teamed up for a collab with Bahati, a famous gospel artist and media personality to produce Taniua which is number four trending on YouTube, our curiosity perked up.

Sasa what is this? Is the question we asked ourselves. I have personally listened to the songs more than thrice, not because I love it, just because I am trying to get in their heads to see what is that they were thinking when they decided to sit down and mix Gengetone with Gospel.

It is clear what they were trying but massively failed to achieve. It was a message to the youth, to repent and go back to God. And who better to pass that message than Gengetone artists who have more than often praised the things considered evil by society? Surely if they could repent, maybe the rest of us can too.

However, for the music critics, it is evident that this was just another “clout” chase. No doubt the next time we will be hearing from Boondocks it will be about their usual message, so why bother with this ruse with Bahati?

Taniua, in my personal opinion, should have never seen the light of day. Bahati should just stick to Gospel and Diana drama, while Boondocks should stick to Gengetone.