Mother-with-Son-I’m a king with a life achievement award! We live to achieve, and with every big dream from childhood, our mothers have helped us nature it to reality. They have been our rocks; they support us even in the silliest of things. Mums are indeed the unit of our origin and the connector to our survival. The umbilical cord was used as the sunshine in life. With everything we perceive and calculate, she, for you and me, our mother has in one way or another given us the proper channels to guarantee our success. They give it to us honestly, rather than an illusion life experiment.

Every baby girl from scratch contains the “DNA” of motherhood. It is not uncommon to find them sacrificing their little chocolate, their time and care for their younger siblings. At the moment, this may not count to us as a big deal, but she reciprocates the same her entire life. Mothers dedicate themselves to family issues. Being under the wing of a husband, some loving and other by lack of better words, ‘chronic’ mis- spelt dangers of love, mothers always come out strong.

black_mother_daughter_sonI do not wish to undermine the male gender, of course, being one of them. Why do we ought to be chauvinists when we have seen all the pretty cute things “MAMAs” do entirely free and selfless for us? The question can come to a halt if we learn to appreciate what women are to us with a touch of love and care.

The snitch,