Enyewe! Where are they now?

In 2005, we profile the Top 10 hottest properties in high school i.e. HHH (High School’s Hottest Hunks) and we were smiling and laughing at the stuff they had to say. Even they themselves will be surprised by their younger selves.

Helps us find them by tagging them and letting us know where they are now and what they are up to. And the million dollar question is, are they still as hot?!!


  1. Elvo Muthui: AQ (404)

Best artist: Redsun

Actor: Martin Lawrence

What would you do for a date: Treat her for a picnic

The Ideal relationship is: Sweet, adventurous and private

Greatest gift you would give a chic? My heart

Describe yourself in 3 words? Smart, decent and adventurous

Clubs you are in? Scouting, St. John, YCS, tennis


  1. Mohammed Ayub (Tyson): Easich (304)

Best Artist: Mr. Vegas

Actor: Antonio Banderas and Halle Berry

Single: Yah and ready to mingle

Reaction if caught pants down? Deny Deny Deny!!!

A perfect date is… Picnic on the beach

How do you chat up a chic for the first time? A simple Hi then wait for her response. If it’s positive I proceed with ice-breaking jokes

Describe yourself? Humble not aggressive and easy going

What clubs are you in? Drama and science progress

What makes a girl attractive in your eyes? Akue na mahaga, shorter than me, light skinned and straight forward, knows what she wants and when she wants it


  1. Michael Zedwie: Nairobi Milimani (404)

Fave Artist/Song: Nameless (Juju)

Fave Actor: Van Dame

What would you do it you were caught pants down with your chic? I will let her have her way cause already she has caught me red-handed.

What’s the ideal dating experience?

Restaurant meals then maybe go for a swim

Ever been stalked? Yah I have been stalked, and I am afraid to say no to them and what they want…but I don’t give them everything.

Best gift to give your honey? True luv

Extracurricular activities in school? Table Tennis and Volleyball


  1. Biko Adema: Saints (304)

Fave musician: Ludacris

Fave actor: Martin Lawrence

What would you do if caught with your pants down? Nothing coz I am the one on the wrong

Perfect date? Lunch then ice cream

Perfect gift? Nice chain

Clubs: Rugby and play the trombone

What attracts you to a chic? Her personality and obviously the looks


  1. Miraj Rasul: Highie (404)

Fave musician: Glen Washington

Fave actress: Hale Berry 

Fave colour: Blue

What would you do if you got caught with your pants down? That can never happen

The perfect date is….:Treating her to a vacation in Seychelles

A perfect 10 has…: She has the right colour, outspoken, social and witty with the right height

What’s the best gift ever for your chic? Love

Any extra activities you are involved in? Journalism, scout, football, prefect 


  1. Nathan Kimani: Mr. Starch (404)

Fave artists: Eminem 

Fave Actor: Martin Lawrence 

Fave colour: Purple

Single: yes

What would you do if you are busted pants down? If I’m guilty and she doesn’t want to listen to what I have to say, I will make sure it doesn’t isha in a bad way.

What would you plan for an ideal date? First I would take her shopping for chocos, go for lunch in a gisty place then watch a movie, then have ice cream as we hang out vibing. The perfect boo has…To be herself, fun to be with and easy to talk to.

Clubs you are in: Swimming, Bball, Scan Sch. Magazine, Junior Achievement, Presidential Awards


  1. Radido Harold: Parky (304)

Artist: Eminem

Girlfriend: No

What if you are caught pants down? I will talk it out with her and see what way to go from there.

Perfect date: Take her to a good restaurant then spend some time with her.

You are… Laid back, calm, romantic, and sensitive 

You like chics that have:Nice complexion, long hair, good figure and social

Club/ hobbies: Am the secretary of the Journalism Club, Junior Achievement, St. John’s Ambulance and B-ball


  1. John Mwangi: Nairobi Milimani

Fave artist: Linkin Park

Actor: Denzel Washington

You’ve been caught red-handed, what do you do? If my chic is flyer than the other one well… then its confessions

A chic will drive you nuts if… She is lively, friendly, and we have a connection of sorts

Clubs you are in: I play B-ball and a little rugby 

Your ideal chic? She should have a light complexion, nice eyes, with lotsa charisma and good nails.


  1. Dickson Kimathi: Pumu (404)

Artist: Tupac Shakur

Actor: Harrison Ford

Chic? No

You are BUSTED with your pants down, what will you do? I chill after the tempers have cooled down then try my luck explaining

Your ideal date: I love simplicity. Maybe go for a movie then hangout nibbling at snacks

What do you look for in a chic? Her personality has to be impressive; good looks

You have a passion for? Music; I’m an upcoming artist, my stage name is Qeem. I do rap and R&B and play Rugby.


  1. Kanyoko Gathee: Jamu (204)

Fave artist: Eminem

Fave actor: Will Smith and Angelina Jolie

Got a chic? Not at the moment but am getting to know one

So what would you do if she caught you pants down? That’s hard stuff… I would get out of her sight then apologise later, it’s up to her to forgive me. 

What is the ideal date? Watch a movie at Village Market then go swimming

Ever been stalked? Yah but none has gone so far as to ask me out kinda feels good.

Perfect present: Nice watch 

Fave colour: Blue for its uniqueness

What attracts you to a chic? Good personality and figure

Hobbies: Swimming