It’s flashback Friday y’all and we are looking at the lives of former high schoolers to see where they are now. We go down the road of nostalgia to see how they were in high school and what they have become today, their achievements and life journey. School has started for most of you so it’s time to get inspired to work even harder and smarter.

Towett Ng’etich is an alumnus of Patch, Nairobi School. He’s been a smart worker since high school seeing as he used to perform very well. He was even featured on The Insyder magazine some time back. Just imagine how many years ago? Okay, he’s not that old. He is on campus right now about to finish his fourth year. Are you working towards building your future?

Towett Ng’etich from Patch on The Insyder

Lol, just look at him! Those days. Going through the hustle of school but he emerged on top. Our September issue covers the journey from 104 to 404. You better check it out. Towett saw this picture (we obviously had to show it to him) and he said, “Haha, my day has made. I feel so old jeez.” But with age comes wisdom and strength.

Towett was this year awarded by Queen Elizabeth (yes, THE Queen of England) for his exceptional work in supporting the people in his community. It was the Queen’s Young Leadership Award 2017. He was in the United Kingdom in July for the award and he was among the 60 youth awarded globally. He is also the Student Chairman of Moi University in Eldoret.

Towett receiving his award

He is currently in his final year pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Public Relations. He also owns a business startup called Uthabiti which aims to fight counterfeit medicines in Kenya. At only 21 years he has done so much. High school provides you the platform to prepare yourself for great things.

It’s a walk down memory lane with Towett Ng’etich from Patch.