bobbyIt’s been over four months since Bobbi Kristina was found passed out in her bathtub, a bizarre similarity to her mother, Whitney Houston’s demise. It has occurred that she suffered global, irreversible brain damage from which the chances of recovering are close to moot. She has been comatose ever since and moved from ICU to an undisclosed rehabilitation centre.

Reports are surfacing that her family intends to move her from the hospital to her home so that “ she can go peacefully.” It is not clear as to which house is being referred between hers or her mother’s.

Her father, Bobby Brown, has been against the move to remove her from life support as long there’s any chance of recovery but her grandmother seems bend on it.bobbi-kristina-bobby-brown2

Critics have accused Bobby of wanting to keep her alive so he can fight the Houstons over her $20 million estate but this is factually incorrect seeing as the next of kin, he is entitled to inherit all her money either way.

It is always so sad that at such sorrowful moments, families choose to squabble over tiny details when, ideally, they should be there for each other, and for Kristina.


Joe Black