Illuminati Symbols
My usual hang out joint is as busy as usual, it’s a place where all the gossip comes from, it’s where the opinion counts, lol. No one is wrong. As long as you have an idea of what is going in all spheres. On this particular day it’s all about the entertainment scene in 254, Jaymo the street dj is around and he joins us, he is just from abroad, so we are told. Maybe that’s where he got his new ride (I mean ride as in car). Jaymo is doing well especially for the last four months; he has travelled all over the world, at least that’s the word on the street. He has changed a lot, from the ordinary hustler or do we say the sufferer to the new baler in town, the is Mr. Mention. Started from the bottom now he is here… up. Everybody goes mute as soon as he gets a seat. You can tell he is envied by most here. But No one wants to be too close to him and I guess he feels the unfriendly environment and he fakes a call and walks out. Immediately he walks out the joint goes out loud again, “told you, this guy, is Illuminati”, Kim the hood rat shouts… “Did you see his tee, the triangle prints … that’s the symbol of the dark powers…”

Everyone joins in and names start coming up, apparently everyone in the 254 entertainment scene is illuminati (illuminati). “You saw how they rewarded Lupita after she joined them?” John Loud shouts, and he goes on to make his opinion solid, “ati they reward you for being violated in a movie, she did not even act. It was real. That was initiation… you wait and see what will befall.”

Prezzo Illuminati
Am listening to this as they names keep coming, from Prezzo, Stella Mwangi , Rabbit, Daddy Owen and all the top dogs. One guy seated in a corner has been smiling all along finally speaks out. I don’t know his name, but his rugged voice, makes me call him rugged… “mnaenda mbali, kwani, huyu boy wa kibra, alitoa wapi hii mula anadai kwa kila ngoma”? (You guys are going far, this dude from kibera, where is he getting his cash from) …“octopizzo ndio baba yao. Illuminati.” (octopizzo is the king of illuminati).

Octopizzo illuminati
I am tempted to say something or at least question. Like I don’t get it, is everyone who is doing well financially illuminati? Or what are illuminati? I don’t get it … as am about to open my mouth, this huge guy stands and shouts… “lazima hii story tukatae”… I rest my case.

In my opinion, I don’t think there is anyone who is illuminati in Kenya entertainment scene. And it’s unfair for us to judge people for their success. Entertainment pays and it’s not a big deal nowadays for artist to fetch a “Millie” from a simple deal. Finally the corporate world working with the entertainers and them (entertainers) are getting some good cash. I won’t go to the royalties they get or the cash from performances… I know ya’ll get the point.
By Charles M