safe_image.phpThe crazy uncle/chief on the new Naija-Kenyan Mash- Up series(Santalal), to a fundi-mentalist on the new hit comedy Fundi-mentals has been nominated for the best actor in a comedy at the Africa Magic viewer’s choice awards (AMVCA). Meet Gerald Langiri the Kenyan Red fox or George Jefferson. He is a house hold name staring on Stay and Mali. He talks to Charles about his life.

Insyder: Describe yourself in two words
Gerald: Generously bubbly.

Insyder: If you were to be a cartoon character ,which one would you be?
Gerald: Kung Fu Panda.

Insyder: Why?
Gerald: Well because he’s cute, chubby, cuddly,funny, loves to eat and he does whatever he puts his mind to (he kicks ass) just like me.

Insyder: How do you kick ass?
Gerald: whenever I put my mind to do something,I do it with my whole heart and to its maximum potential.

Insyder: Tell us about your nomination?
Gerald: I have been nominated for the best actor in a comedy at the AMVCA for my role as Joseph in the movie Fundi-mentals. It will be released this February.

Insyder: Why is this such a big deal, yet you have been in other nominations?
Gerald: In as much as I have been nominated before for an acting award as the best lead actor in the movie House of Lungula at the Kalasha film and even winning the best supporting actor in the series Stay. This nomination means more as it puts me on an African map.

Insyder: Do you think you are comical or funny?
Gerald: I know I try to be funny but being a comic and getting to a place where I’m being nominated or even winning an award for a role that I was a funny character is no small fete. I have been called a clown severally so I’d like to think I’m funny.

Insyder: Why haven’t you tried out for Churchill?
Gerald: Comedy has different genres, I believe what Churchill does is a different game all together. I’m content in being an improve comedian in doing films at the moment.

Insyder: How does it feel working along big acts like Lizz Njagah on Fundi-mentals?
Gerald: It is a humbling learning experience…I’ve always taken pride in learning from actors who have been in the game for a while. With the lack of acting schools in Kenya you have to find ways to learn and get better at your game.

Insyder: How can people vote for you?
Gerald: Voting link is Lets vote.

Insyder: What’s the craziest thing you did last week?
Gerald: I didn’t do anything because I was busy casting for Facebook ads, took up all my time.

Insyder: If you were to remote control your bae, which would be your favorite button?
Gerald: Enter!

Insyder: What do you think of the industry now from the time you entered?
Gerald: Still making small strides, more content is now being produced and people are taking risks. The  government policy has created more opportunities.

Insyder: Two words for guys who want to reach where you are
Gerald: Attitude and persistence.

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