I want us to compare two stories. The first story is of a young man, an artiste who conquered the hearts of many music lovers with his hits. Little-known, with no much to spend on looks and nice videos, the lad did great songs like Kamwambie and Mbagala, songs that endeared him to many. His journey was not very smooth, and along the way he kept telling his story, where he came from, and recited his dreams now and again (say Waaasaafiii). Along the way, he dropped some great friends, those who had made him, and picked up new ones. He became an arch-rival to one of the greatest musician in the country, Ali Kiba.  His friends turned enemies, like Ohmy Dimpoz. Then of course, his journey was full of scandals. Mostly relationship scandals. Amidst all these, the guy had a dream, and he worked towards it. One day he did ‘Number One’ and that was kinda game changer in his musical life. Slowly by slowly he built his own empire, gathered a couple of artistes and signed them. His label Wasafi Classics Baby (WCB) signed one of the biggest artistes back then, Rich Mavoko. And he’s been doing collabos with his artistes in a bid to kick-start their careers. It’s not just music that this guy does, he is doing business. He has done collabos with international artistes and it’s paying off.

The second story is about a young man from Mathare Kenya. His first song, Mama conquered the hearts of many, and he began winning awards. His second song Machozi cemented his name in the music scene, with his story touching the hearts of many. Then he did a great song, Barua, which propelled him to a whole new height. He then gradually built his own label, Eastlands’ Most Beloved (EMB) and signed some artistes in it. He signed a great gospel artiste (Mr. Seed) and a new artiste in the name of David Wonder. Before you forget, this boy too brought Weezdom to the limelight, recording him at EMB and doing him videos. Bahati has been embroiled in scandals in his journey too; unseating the Prezzy during the launch of Jubilee Party. He has also been embroiled in a beef with one of the greatest gospel musician, Willy Paul.

So, what do you see similar in these two stories? Lemmi break it down for you.

  1. Diamond came from a humble background, just like Bahati.
  2. Diamond didn’t grow with his dad, same with Bahati.
  3. Diamond Platinumz once did a song with his current rival, Ali Kiba, but the two have never been in a song together. Similarly, Bahati and Willy Paul did a song together, but it was never officially released.
  4. Diamond is very close to the government and the president, same with Bahati.
  5. Diamond Platinumz has his own label, WCB, Bahati has opened his own label EMB.
  6. Bahati has signed fresh unknown talent just like Diamond did.
  7. Bahati has also signed his competitor musically (Mr. Seed) same way Diamond signed Rich Mavoko who was at one time giving him a run for his money.
  8. Diamond goes round, doing collabos with different big artistes, a move that Bahati has since copied. He has been in Bongoland in the past few days, doing collabos that are yet to drop.
  9. Along the way, Diamond dropped friends who became enemies (Ohhmy Dimpoz) while Bahati has dropped some too, (Weezdom).


Well, as you can see, Willy Paul says Diamond Platinumz is his role model, but it turns out this guy Bahati is Diamond’s greatest student. Believe me you, one day these two music labels will enter into partnership. Fingers crossed.