Humanoids love to couple up, opposite sex, same sex, doesn’t matter. Fact is, we are creatures of socialising. Living in groups and picking out life partners to create our own genetic group. Thing is, from the time we are kids, we are trained to socialise, how to make friends, how to talk to elders, sometimes we even develop our own code and language with super close friends. When it comes to dating, drive may begin in high skool, teen years, primarily driven by hormones. This is natural. Here are some pointers to picking out a proper date

be friends1. Be friends
Friendship is a great start. In friendship you can be totally free and have fun. There is also this sense of security, cause his/her people know you and your people know him/her/ friends are often invited home and you can be silly with them.

2. They respect you
This is key in ALL relationships. When someone respects you, they will always consider what you say and actually listen. They will treat you well. There won’t be cases of physical or verbal abuse and torture.

boy n gal3. They show care
Love and care go hand in hand. Here its not just “I Love you”. I mean genuine love. They may not even say it, but they do show it in stuff like advising you, worrying about you and even giving you a shoulder or an ear when you need it. A partner should be someone that supports you full and always wants to see you at your best. And when you low, they are there to raise you.

4. Chill
They respect your body. No hurry or pressuring you into sex. They may even advise to wait until marriage or at least after collage. They want the first time to be special without any guilt riding over it.

Green5. They are patience
There is an old saying that patience is a virtue. Wahenga that said this have a point. In exercising patience you get to learn a lot about a person. Cause not all situations will happen say in one month. But perhaps in a few years you will learn how this person reacts to different things and people around him. There are some people that are masters in acting and pretending. In a several months they may let up and you will get to see their true colours. Perhaps they are only nice to you, but when you go out, they are rude to waiters or conductors in matatus. This is not a character you should entertain. It means that soon, once they are used to you, you will be at the receiving end of this rudeness.

6. They Communicate
There is nothing worse than assuming in this day and age. There are so many things that one can assume and they may be so far from the truth-but they are possible. Communication is important in ALL relationships. Talk to people. We aare social beings. Even if it is not opening up, at least let someone know where you at and who you with. Insecurity is also real, you gotta always look over your shoulder.

91594597Dating should be fun. It should increase your confidence abd build you to appreciate and love you more. But sadly if you pick someone who does not have the above qualities, you may end up hurt, destroyed, alone and depressed. Be very careful. Nothing is perfect. And even in these qualities, you may have fight-that is normal too- but with proper communication you manage to work things out.

Take Care my Lovelies
By Zahra