Kenya, Nairobi, Central Park, Nyayo MonumentThe place is formally identified as one of the recreational parks in Nairobi. It is located close to Uhuru Park on the upper side of the city near University of Nairobi. It is a place where one can run to, to get a breather away from the city’s busy lifestyle. It has beautiful grounds where one can visit for a picnic.

The park has a memorial in honor of the late first president of the republic of Kenya, Honorable Jomo Kenyatta. The monument is a sign of the patriotism shared by the citizens of Kenya. However, this is not what this article is about.

So the ‘chanukad mwananchi’ thinks that these parks are (or rather were) for the washambas that visited Nairobi for the first time. This is the place where they would go and gaze and marvel at the city’s beautiful scenery and huge buildings that they have probably never seen. All this is contrary to what we see in the western movies where parks are mostly for kids and are places where one can visit free of charge and go have fun; till when Nairobi’s teenagers discovered that it is not a park but; A Park.

It started by hanging out at a pals’ crib to visiting malls to today’s Central Park which has become trendy. It is the hangout joint that every teenager is talking about. On my first visit there, I thought it was an event I was attending due to the large turn up of people. This place is usually infested by college and university students especially on Fridays’ of whom you will find seated in small groups and some strolling around in two’s.  The new ‘IT Place’ is crowded as early as 2PM by young Nairobians. After all, it is a free place, as opposed to the events that they are used to attending. It seems like either the economy is really bad or the teen’s just need to break the monotony of attending events and hence they got a place to chill every end of the week.

It is indeed a wonderful place to welcome the weekend which most of these youngsters don’t have school. This contributes to the place getting evacuated as late as 8PM in the night.

Who are the biggest benefactors of this new place? Nakumatt Lifestyle mall. That’s the starting point of the journey that takes us to Central Park.

So if you are looking for the best place to hang with your buddies, Central Park is the place to be.

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