The third season of Coke Studio was recently announced, and it has plenty of good stuff that come along with it. To begin with, there is an amazing host of talent that will be featured in this season’s show, with standouts being Ice Prince, 2Face, Vanessa Mdee, Juliana Kanyamozi and Jua Cali. Additionally, Coca Cola has partnered with corporate giants for the upcoming season; the partnership will enable the artists to benefit from KQ’s great product offering and warm African hospitality as well as fly in all the artists and producers that will be participating in the competition.

Most importantly, though, is the way in which the upcoming season has taken on another path that will likely revolutionise African music competitions as we know them. Unlike other music programmes, the show will have a non-competitive format; it will not be focusing on the emergence of a winner.  Its main aim is to work together to see African music break into the Upper Echelons of worldwide music; a ranking that it so dearly deserves but for which it has been so often overlooked. I don’t know about you guys, but a show that seeks to bring together and showcase the diversity of African talent is exactly what the music industry has been missing at both national and continental levels.

Are we going to see musicians pitted against each other to the delight of us viewers? No. However, what we are being presented with is a more effective route to showcasing talent, as well as increased chances for the opportunities for heavy investment into nurturing more talent.

By: Doug L Fresh

Writer and Poet; has an unhealthy obsession with Outkast