For the second time in less than two months, a much-hyped and anticipated show by Tanzanian ‘Champion Boy’ Darassa failed to happen. The show which was scheduled to go down at Ngong Racecourse didn’t go down as planned leaving anxious fans mad. However, it has emerged that the promoters didn’t consider their timing before doing their planning. On the same date, March 18th, another festival was to go down at KICC, a venue that had initially been announced to host the Muziki star.

Early this year, the rapper was slotted to make an appearance in one of nairobi’s top clubs, only to fail to show up. His management however said that the promoters failed to honor part of their agreement on the down-payment. The infuriated fans however thought he’d just decided not to show up (he was getting paid people, can you turn down money?)

It however turns out that there was no problem between both parties, and it was just a decision that was made by the promoters to postpone the event so that it doesn’t clash with Doba fest that was taking place on the same day at KICC. So Darassa is not coming to Kenya any time soon? Well, according to sources, they are planning on a date before April.