“Nasibu Abdul Juma is a 26 year old Tanzanian man. He makes a living by thriving off the growing entertainment industry in Tanzania and Africa at large, and he makes a good living out of it. Additionally, he is a people’s person and has won the hearts of millions of people”

It may or may not have been apparent from the above statement that I am talking about Diamond Platnumz, the Tanzanian recording artist that has taken East Africa and Africa at large by storm with sights well set on the world. He has achieved success that so many of his counterparts can dream of but only few can imagine, because to adequately imagine something would entail you having a feel of it; and how many East African artistes have achieved even a quarter of the success that has been achieved by Diamond? It would be safe to say the number of East African musicians that have sang about that kind of success is greater than that of those who have actually lived it.

(There’s the whole other category of those who sing about that kind of success and have no idea what it feels to live it, but I’m not here to confirm what y’all readers already know.)

“What makes Diamond so successful? How could a young artiste achieve so many milestones in such a relatively short career?” many of you may ask. Well, I counter with this; how could he not?

Now now, because you run off with the conclusion that Diamond has had it easy, listen for a little bit. I am saying the exact opposite. When Diamond exploded onto the scene two years ago with his hit ‘Nataka kulewa’, he revealed that he had recorded over 100 songs that were waiting to be released. I’m not going to lie, even I doubted that claim, owing to the disappointment that some Kenyan musicians had gotten me accustomed to; but Diamond is slowly beginning to live true to his word and measure up to his worth. His rise to the top has been relentless and he has taken good advantage of the fact that he just may be in his prime. The way in which he has handled the immense pressure that comes with being at the forefront of taking the Bongo Flava sound international has been commendable; his tireless work ethic and his strong penchant for making good quality music whose themes are well relatable to his audience is the reason he is where he is right now.

Additionally, it may sound like a cliché but humility has gone a long way in shaping Diamond’s success curve into an upward sloping one; his loyal fanbase remains loyal because he is the same person all the time, whether behind a microphone, throwing a rehearsal show on the lakeshore (which he would still shut down, check out the link below), or addressing his fans in the streets on his day off; Diamond Platnumz has been able to stay in touch with the man Nasibu Abdul Juma. Nothing but good vibes and prosperity are going the way of Diamond.

Watch him shut down a rehearsal at Mwanza here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOZuhKYJDEo

Article by Doug L Fresh