For most teens acceptance is goals and for this reason they will do all it takes to fit in. Teens are forced to level up or stick to the lame crew.

Bullying is the worst nightmare for any teen, being a recipient to bullying one is seen as weak. Relationships are a huge deal in high schools. The pressure of dating a hot girlfriend or boyfriend is real because it determines your place in the cool kids ladder. If you single that’s another whole issue, you branded as gay.

Thirst for social media, as unreal as it may sound is very common. Most teens go that extra miles of being fake so as to get more likes and comments on their social media platforms . Low self esteem is commonly in girls. They change their bodies to what the society terms as the “perfect body”. Without the “perfect body” the teens tend to be bullied and body shamed which leads them to depression and attempting suicide.

Lack of money in school is a huge one. Poor and average background teens understand this too well. Having money is so important because it can buy you anything and anyone in school.


Stigma is also another reason that affect teens. Students with diseases such as HIV and cancer tend to isolate themselves from other students due to the discrimination.

How do teens ensure that they get the best out of school? Well it is easy, find some tips in the insyder weekly inside the Sunday Standard newspaper.