Grown-ish is a spin-off of the black family sitcom Black-ish featuring and produced by Yara Shahidi, aka Zoe in both TV-shows.

It premiered in 2018 and follows the life of Zoe who had just joined college as a freshman, but that is not all that the show is about. It is about friendships built and broken, relationships discovered, love intensified, controversial topics discussed.

It is more than just a Tv-show, it is the ultimate guide to survive the world as it is now as a teenager.

As per this year, the series renewed for its third season, which just went further to show us how much growth we need, and how much growth we can have even when we are just young.

Personally, I like how it handles the diverse sexuality issues and the defining-the-relationship stuff that we sometimes need help on.

It is a really good show, and if you are a teen and you are yet to watch it, pull up your socks and run to look for it. It is worth your time, I promise.