Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika New Look

So Vera, has done it again! She’s got #YUSOCK (Young Urban Socially Connected Kenyans) buzzin’ about her new move. Sad part is though; everyone but me, is on her case. And by ‘case‘ I mean; everyone plus their girlfriend be hatin’ on Vera.

After posting her new look on The ‘Gram a few days ago, you and your side chic are talking smack about mami Vee. On the real though, I don’t  appreciate when people hate on her. Especially dudes.

For the chiqas, I understand; wivu hauwezi waruhusu. It’s a chic thing, so I’m not meant to understand. But I’ve noticed that when a mami is endowed, they don’t like it. But the same chiquaz are dying deep down to be similarly endowed. The booty, the boobies and the yellow skin. I won’t mention the weave, coz when it comes to horse tails I’m absolutely clueless.

If being Vera Sidika is such a bad thing, then why is the cosmetics & beauty industry a multi-billion dollar one? Why does your side h*e spend thousands to buy hair collected from beauty salon dustbins in Rio? Why does the local celeb you thaast for use ‘skin evening’ creams to remove spots & ‘blemishes’ from her hide? Even your own mum contributes to the numbers that make the cosmetics & beauty industry such a lucrative one, dammit!

Now back to the dudes. Personally (I’m guessing if you’ve gotten this far by now you must’ve figured out I’m male), I think we have the freedom to do what we feel like as long as it does not infringe on other people’s freedoms & endanger lives. And if there’s a dude who’s hatin’ on Vera, he’s straight lying or he’s gay. Most dudes are afraid to express their unquenching thaast for Vee coz they fear the negative reactions they will receive from their galz. There, I said it. We all want Vee, we just won’t admit it when the galz in our lives are around. We think of Vee all the time. Heck, we even think of Vee when we’re staring at you.

I say, let’s end the hypocrisy now. Let Vera and the likes be. How about we mind our own business for once? As for me, I’ll risk everything like Bruno and take a grenade for Vee.

Story by Uamaque C

Pic: The Instagram