kaimneyi-If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for 2014 K.C.S.E candidates well think again. With funny pictures of  education C.S, Prof Kaimenyi going viral social media shows things are getting a little thick, (maybe it’s because of tomorrow). Exams are to be  released tomorrow just in-case you dint know.

To all of you who thought that Kaimenyi will spare you because you have him as your MCM soon he shall be your TBT. Results will have to be released whether you are at  Central Park, Uhuru Park or Village Market. A copy of the results will also be pinned on the school notice board and there is nothing you can do about it. EVERYBODY will know what your results ,thanks to the internet and sms.

Her are some of the pictures doing rounds.

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By Janiana Wangari/Charles Switch and All Teeniez Massive

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