So, after a very long hiatus, P UNIT is back with a banger. Except, it’s hardly a banger. Is it even a tapper? Can we really call this music?

HOP STEP, a collab with Prezzo, is really pure trash. From the way it starts, with the dry jokes of Tr. Wanjiku to the cliche beats, to the disappointing video and worst of all, the dismaying lyrics.

I mean, the only thing the song had going for it was the many celebrities featured in it, otherwise; PURE TRASH!!!!!!!!

In conclusion, because I cannot even bear writing many words for this song, do not listen to this song. If you are tempted to go to YouTube or any other platform and search for it, DON’T. 

If you think I am unfairly bashing this song and you want to listen to it to prove me wrong, DON’T. 

 If you like good music for those beautiful ears of yours, DON’T listen to this song.