sauti-sol-nishikeIt’s a band that first came with a jam that we all loved. Jana usiku was an instant hit song! A song that was simple and catchy. Just as the vibe about the trio was fading away, they dropped another hit jam that was powerful, the lyrics were on point and so were the vocals… With ‘Milele’(the song), Elani proved they were here for serious business. The song went on to be a hit with everyone singing it. Before we knew it, ‘Kookoo’ was unleashed. This latest jam is a piece of a art, with a video that makes us go kookoo with lots of mad love and admiration… They keep getting better with each song the do.

As for Sauti Sol, arguably the baddest band in 254, their new jam is not all that big. They have capitalized on sex appeal and yes they are enjoying the controversy that comes with that. The video we can say has gone viral and almost everybody is talking about it, not necessarily all positive vibe but again there is no such thing as negative publicity. The big question is; is this a desperate move by Sauti Sol to silence the rising bands such as Elani, Sarabi, H-art the band and the likes?

By Switch M.