Do you sometimes wait on your phone frustrated that your significant other, or potential significant other hasn’t texted back? What gives? Why would someone in their right mind keep you on edge like that? You get a turmoil of emotions, from not caring less to pure undiluted anger. Chillax a little and look at the other person’s side;

1. Their Phone died
diedWith the modern day smart phones, and how much we online, charge does not seem to last long. Perhaps when you sent the text, that was the last power on their phone and it died. Now you have to wait till they get home, or perhaps find a proper place to adequately charge their phones.

2. You are impatient
text impatientDon’t expect all your tests to be answered immediately. Even you at times do not answer your texts immediately. Practice a little patience and wait for them to get back to you. Patience after all is a virtue.

3. They are not interested
text no interest (2)If it is someone new you just texted, perhaps they are not into you as you had thought. You should take a hint ant not probe. Maintain your dignity. Some people take long to decide, some just give their numbers too freely. If it’s a stranger, they are more likely not interested in extending the friendship beyond your first meeting. Walk away too, with your head held high.

4. You are a nag
nagSome people are more than avid texters. If they send you a question you have to really weigh your answers before you reply otherwise they send back a gajjilion more questions. That is a nag. Find something else to occupy, and be happy even with the occasional one word answers. If you are sure the person is not ok, rather than nag, just reassure them that you are there for them and leave it at that. Once they are ready to talk-if ever, they will get back to you.

5. They are busy
busyYou do know there are loads of other things to life apart from your phone, right? Perhaps the person you have texted is busy. They can be working on something in the house, or even out with other friends. Don be a drag and kill their vybe. When they get the chance they will get back to you.

Remember this guys, empathy and understanding is the key in any relationship. Do not always be looking at me me me…think of what the other person may be going through. The last thing they want is more stress from you.

Keep The Love!!
By Zahra