negreAminata Diallo (Aunjanue Ellis) is captured from her West African village and sent into slavery. She falls for Chekura, a boy in the slaving party. He in turn is also sold. She is sold to the cruel Robinson Appleby. She resists his advances and eventually has a child with Chekura. Rosa Lindo is a sympathetic white woman but she dies. Her husband Solomon is able to buy Aminata but also brokers the sale of Amanata’s child away from Robinson. Aminata escapes from Solomon to live in NYC’s Canvas Town during the American Revolution. She is befriended by Revolutionary bar owner Samuel Fraunces (Cuba Gooding, Jr.). Chekura manages to escape and join Aminata. She is also befriended by British Cpt. John Clarkson (Ben Chaplin). At the war’s end, she helps to record names of slaves into the Book of Negroes for slaves who supposedly served the British Army for one year and thereby earning their freedom.

120914-shows-book-of-negroes-cover.jpgIt is based on novel written by Lawrence hill based on a historical fiction which explain how Africans were captured and taken into slavery, and a courageous girl was able to make her way through her owner and earns her freedom to stop the slave trade which was in human.
This series is a hit, for all of you who think that it’s boring because it’s based on a historical fiction. I am glad you have a wrong idea, this is where we come in to help you get a clear view on the good stuff.
I recommend you to watch you this story .Its twist in every episode will make you wait for season two in no time. A romantic story of how one can truly fall in love and painfully lose their children to cruel owners who sell their baby .let me not be a joy kill, get the series and watch it yourself. Trust me you’ll get hooked like its coco.its not like the ordinary big bang theory its much extra ordinary on its own level .So if you looking for something to keep you busy and have no idea to do with your time .Take time and watch this series.