WCW InkmyafricaWhat it do?! Once again, it’s your Playa President, ready to drop some knowledge on why you, my unfortunate young pup, have been unable to hook up with your dream #WCW. It sounds a bit pessimistic, doesn’t it? Well I’d rather be a pessimist rather than be a blind optimist who is doomed for failure, ultimately. Are you a failure? I didn’t think so. So pay close attention as I gift you with this simplicity.

I have received some emails and Facebook messages from you young pups; and it appears that you are finally tired of bagging the ‘okay’ girls. You would rather attract the smoking hot girls. The “10’s”… like Helen from Ethiopia, this week’s #WCW on our Instagram account.

WCW EthiopiaYou tell me stuff like, “Why does the game I drop on ‘kinda hot’ girls not work on the girl of my dreams?”

I have a problem with that, a HUGE problem; well for starters, eliminate the ‘girl of your dreams’ tag, it kind of implies that the girl is only attainable in your dreams. Well, she is not! You just haven’t been able to say the right things and do the right actions. Do you know why you haven’t been able to achieve this yet?

Because you drop the same game you’ve been dropping on the ‘less hard to get’ on the super, sexy gal. That’s what!

This is a cardinal crime; the girl of your dreams is, above all, classy. She is the embodiment of class; and you wanna drop the same game on her that you’ve been dropping on girls whom you’ve easily gotten? Nah bruh, it doesn’t work like that!

Pierra MakenaTake a fly a** honie like DJ Pierra. Now, this girl has seen all kinds of dudes; and this includes made men who have made names for themselves; and it doesn’t hurt if they are rich. If you proceed to approach her with your “shilingi mbili” vibes, you will fail! Keep your two cents on matters; she wants to associate you with achievements and ability to provide for her, if need be.

Please note; you don’t have to be wealthy.

Heed my earlier advice; she wants to associate you with such wealth, not for you to be wealthy. She doesn’t need your wealth anyway, she’s classy. The association is always a sexy plus for guys. As long as you can make yourself appear wealthy in her eyes, you will have an upper hand over the guys who don’t. “So how do I make myself appear wealthy,” I hear a lot of you timid young puppies asking.

Two black dudesTo appear loaded, you need to do the following; enhance your people skills and make use of any possible connections you have. Befriend that club bouncer with whom you have had differences before. Holla at your folks and ask for that successful businessman’s number; you know, the one they’ve always wanted you to talk to. You can’t attract a classy lady if you keep the same friends who lack ambition; add some class to your circle of friends.

Also, it is important to appear as a man of high value. Act the part, (in front of the mirror practice could prove valuable), dress the part, and be that person. Whatever it takes to convince yourself that you’re that person; it wouldn’t be so hard to subsequently convince others, include that smoking hot lady. One easy trick is to let your #WCW see you with a really hot chic (it could be your cousin, neighbour, classmate, friend) – as long as your #WCW doesn’t know your relationship with the hotties – she will think of you as a guy who can already attract hot chics like her.

Guy with hot chicsThat is the advice I’d give you guys concerning that. After a series of failures, applying this has led me to attain a near 100% success rate! Well, 99%; the other 1% was what you would call a ‘standard error’ from the average success rate. Honesty with yourself is key!

But alternatively you could try your luck at being the nice guy; yeah, you can then tell us how it goes at placing your chances at the hands of luck as opposed to going after what you want like a true badman.

But don’t listen to me; after all I’m just a pessimist.

A successful one.

All the best young pups!

Advice by T9