Do you remember when Avril unveiled her pregnancy to the public?Need I say that we were all mesmerized by the bombshell.More so,she left us all in the dark about the father and for a while we thought that she was the chosen one for the second coming of Jesus.



For a while everybody was hush hush about the baby daddy until J-Blessing came into the picture and was thought to be the alleged sire.J-Blessing did not take the issue lightly and made a huge fuss about the whole pregnancy issue.He flat out denied the allegation and claimed it was also news to him and made a threat.

Adding with a threat, “I cannot get into that because I will file a case for defamation immediately they mention me without any facts because I’m sure of my position



When this erupted,Avril was demure to the topic,saying, ‘I am immune to controversy.’

However, when all is said and done,actions speak louder than words.What J-Blessing is doing for Avril is a confirmatory test that declares him baby daddy number 1 #100%.

He went out of his way and bought Avril a new German machine and by German machine,I mean a brand new BMW 3 series which costs over 3 million ,in the name of easing her travel.It looks like the Pace headphone business is really paying off.Anyway, which friend does that?

He really does not have to say it out loud but his actions tell it all.If Avril is really pregnant with J-Blessing’s baby, what are the outstanding features that would make you know that J-Blessing is the daddy even without a DNA test.