Camp Mulla is back!! This is maybe, the best news any Kenyan music lover has heard this year. When the group members went separate ways, they were at the top of their game, had churned out great hits and were representing our music internationally. I remember once Nigerian artistes were being interviewed about Kenyan artistes and they’d say number one is Camp Mulla, Number two Camp Mulla and Number three Camp Mulla. Then they dissapeared from the music scene, Miss Karun went overseas to study, one member was rumored to have ventured into a taxi business and only Shappa Man was around doing music.

Over the weekend during Tekno’s show, Camp Mulla surprised fans by performing and later on announced via their Gram that they are back, older and wiser.

Well, it’s nice to have you guys back. The local music industry has lacked international representation for some time now, with only Sauti Sol being the symbol of Kenyan music out there. One thing however remains to be seen, will you pick up where you left? Comebacks are not an easy thing. We’ve seen artistes try sneak their way back into music but fail because, maybe their fans did get over them or somebody else came and filled that void. Or maybe, vindu vichechanga.

So far, only Nyashinsky has successfully made a comeback into the game and made it. The rest haven’t. Chiwawa for instance. Kenzo, the Mama Milka hit-maker is struggling to make a comeback too. Kleptomaniacs’ Robba tried to collabo with Mr. Lenny and the song is not even known, terrible failure in making a comeback. So much has changed, both musically and in their personal lives. Like they said, they are older now. Karun is a mother by the way, which means her attention won’t be towards music 100%. And where’s Tiri? The chiq who replaced her in the group? Will Camp Mulla succeed? Time will tell. Meanwhile, welcome back Camp Mulla, we missed ya!