Willy Paul ‘Msafi’ has carved a niche for himself in the Kenyan gospel music industry.

The ‘sijafika’ hit maker has amassed a major following over the last few years.


However, being a gospel celebrity is not easy. Your fans will watch your every move and judge your every action.

Sometime last week, Msafi posted a pic on his IG, innocently captioning it

Morning family, msafi says hi

The post received major backlash from his fans.See the picture below


Clearly his fans were not pleased with two things. First was the sign he was making with his right hand. Secondly, if you look keenly, you will notice that his vest has the infamous ‘weed’ logo on it

Some fans even went as far as claiming that Willy is now secular

Stephen_Kilonzo said

Sorry but willy nowadays you are so secular. Just change from singing gospels to something else

Seems Willy was innocently caught up. After all he was just wishing his fans a good morning!