willy and bahati

Never mess with the quiet guys because when they blow up you will get a mini world war, and don’t take the mini part lightly. I woke up to Willy Paul Bahati trending and it’s not because they have a brand new collabo.

It seems someone is taking the kindness of the soft spoken Mama hit maker for weakness. It seems that scandal follows some people, Willy Paul Msafi is back on the scene with a Bahati scandal.  There is a distinct line between gospel ministry and the secular industry.

Bahati broke the internet with the post that he made about Willy on his Facebook page apparently Willy Paul had become difficult to reach and with the evidence he has, he thought that it was time that the world knew what was happening because he was facing a lot of challenges and it breaks his heart because it’s coming from a gospel artist.

He claims that Willy Paul stole two of his songs; Maria which is now called Salima and Mapenzi. It said that he went to the extent of bribing producers to get Bahati’s songs before he releases them. The beef between the gospel ministry and the industry is on, check Bahati’s page on Facebook for more information.