These two gospel bigwigs were inseparable years ago. Then out of the blues, a crack appeared in their relationship. The small crack, that appeared as small as a rill in soil became a gully. Their feud became so bad that their fans were split into two teams, #TeamBaha and #TeamPozee.

However, in the recent past there have been signs of the two warming to each other. Willy Paul joined Bahati and Mr. Seed on stage the other day at JCC as they performed ‘KumbeKumbe’. Then days ago, when Bahati revealed his daughter Mueni to the world, there was much talk and Willy supported him. Then Willy Paul released ‘Digiri’ and among the first people to share it was bahati himself, hinting that he had listened to it before it was released.

When Bahati released Barua Kwa Mama featuring Eddy Kenzo, Willy shared it too.

Guys baba mueni has a new one with @eddykenzo.. barua kwa mama Check it out..

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Can the two be finally reconciling, or they are united by Groove snubbing?