Willy Paul has found himself at the center of yet another controversy. Forget about him making music and hanging with Jamaican girls. Willy Paul was spotted slapping a lady at his Syokimau home.

The duo had just arrived at the scene when Willy Paul is seen getting out of the car while quarreling with the lady. He then plants a couple of slaps on her. the guards at the scene do not take any action. They then react once the issue starts to raise brows from the on lookers.


It is not known what the two were arguing about. The lady in question who is not seen clearly but she seems too agitated.

Willy Paul has been all over the internet for his scandals. He even went ahead on his social media platform to launch his new reality show which is coming soon. Willy Paul states that he is all about the drams, money and music.

Willy Paul is unapologetic for his actions. If you have not watched the video then here it is: