Willy Paul, Willy pozee! Willy…. This gospel crooner is back again and this time, he comes with one Mama Wambo (That’s size 8 for you, wink). Well, so these two have a new video out called ‘Tiga wana’ and in less than 24 hours after its release, the video has over 22 thousand views. But now, the video is already ruffling feathers.

img-20161122-wa0006Now, it’s not just because Pozee has aped Diamond Platinumz (we’re used to that, right?), or because of Mama wambo, no. It’s because of the director’s effects in the video, that include a triangle. Apparently, people are questioning the triangle, relating it to the pyramids that have always been associated with Illuminati.

Do you see what we’re driving at?

But if you look closely people you will see that it should just a pyramid. So relax, no Illuminati here