Willy Paul- Bahati

So Bahati wrote an emotional letter to Willy Paul claiming that he has been stealing his works just before they are released. How true is this?  Bearing in mind that both these two artistes have once at some point in time been crowned “The Male Artiste of The Year” in the most coveted gospel award, The Groove Awards. Could this be the season of beef in the gospel industry? Could this be a gospel shift?

Four days later, Willy Paul replies to the letter, not via a letter, not via a voice clip, BUT IN A VIDEO MOCKING Bahati’s hit single Machozi. From this video, I think Willy’s tryna rub it that he can’t sing as “pathetically” as Bahati, coz maaaaahn, this video is bad, and when I say bad, I mean pathetic… catch the link below and watch it for yourself http://whateveryoumissed.co.ke/finally-willy-paul-responds-to-bahatis-allegations-in-a-mockery-video-clip-must-watch/


Could this be The Season of The Gospel Beef? Or could it just be a publicity stunt?

Whatever your answer is, I don’t think these two should still be making headlines in the entertainment industry, more so the gospel industry (that’s my opinion, I don’t know about you and frankly, I don’t really care) We have big names in the gospel industry like Daddy Owen, Jimmy Gait, Roughtone, Eunice Njeri, Alice Kamande, Emmy Kosgei…   just to mention but a few. We’ve never seen them beefing around, or maybe they did, BUT MY POINT IS, THEY DID NOT BRING IT TO THE LIME LIGHT, because they sing for a purpose, they are THE GOODNEWS (The Gospel) and the gospel shouldn’t be beefing around or showing it to us. Peace.


                                                                                  –Sir_Okumba Okumba