Malingo hitmaker Willy Paul is making moves and it has nothing to do with music… we hope. He posted up pictures on Instagram that have set his fans on fire.

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In the picture is a mysterious lady and Willy Paul who seem like a couple holding their baby with the caption #family. Willy Paul is notoriously known for posting up pictures with beautiful ladies but this is the first time that Willy Paul has added a baby into the picture.The captions family love and family have got his fans raising eyebrows  about the singer’s personal life. Seems like he got exactly what he asked for as his fans were curious about this family that the gospel singer had been hiding.

Here are some of the comments from curious fans

@gichuki.lewisKwani alipata akiwa form one?? Nyc fam anyway”

@parinpriyaYaani lazima u keep up with bahati….akizaa unazaa😂”

@chaly_montagThis guy will kiss us hahaha.. Sasa umebaki kutuambia Donald trump ni great grandfather”

@julietromeanNys couple I admire you guys big up @ willy.paul.msafii mahaters walambe lolo”

“@danteddy001Yaaa umeoa kumbe na venye unashinda ukisema aty madem wamekuchanganya anyway look good”

@benjy1467_benjamin_@deniskinara for sure he likes attention and women that’s very true.”

@wilsam_mwah_de_presidenteRumours say that you’re a wife’s snatcher.. As in, All weather guy. Have you snatched this or she yours? Just asking Mr. Pozze”

@miss_kagaiWe really don’t care…we all have families and hatusumbui”

“@ladreameHebu release ngoma uache kutumalizia bundles na picha za shoot”

Well, we have no idea who the lady and the baby in the picture are but we for sure hope to see more ‘family photos.’