Yesterday evening, Willy Paul sent his fans into a frenzy when he posted a picture of himself on a hospital bed. The post was flooded with get well soon messages from fans who were clearly panicked. See below.

Willy pauk

So as y’all can see, he seems quite under the weather. However one thing stands out in the picture too, he is not in ‘hospital patient gear’! Isn’t that a bit off? Or maybe he did not want the hospital staff to dress him in those uncomfortable gowns.

Could it be one of his latest publicity stunts, Mr Msafi has been known to pull some antics when he is just about to release new music or announce a new project. Maybe he is taking a few notes from Akothee; remember how she tricked the entire nation into thinking that she had tied the knot? As it turned out, all the hype she was creating was all for the video launch of her track Yuko Moyoni

That’s just one theory though, time will tell if Willy is’ faking it’ or not. What do y’all think?