Willy Paul has no chills when it comes to his money. Even ‘gospel musicians’ have a right to their coins right?

Willy Paul was among several other musicians who performed at People of the Nile Festival that went down in Kisumu from 9th December to 11th.


The gospel singer has just revealed event organizer is playing him. Willy says he was given two cheques that bounced. And now it seems that the so called organizers are not picking his calls.

Check out his scathing warning below

“Warning to the event organizers of PEOPLE OF THE NILE FESTIVAL that took place recently in KISUMU,if you do not pay me my money today things will get UGLY,you gave me two bouncing cheques and you knew about it n now you not picking up my calls.You did this to other artists aswell,” Willy Paul wrote.

Willy Paul has not commented anymore on the matter since his post.