Willy Paul


Wilson Abubakar Radida Opondo aka Willy Paul, 20 and a last born in a family of five is one very interesting cocktail of nationalities. His late father was half Tanzanian and half Kenyan while his mum is half Ugandan and half Kenyan. He grew up in Area 3 of Mathare North. His dad was a carpenter and the mother used to work as a salonist before illness confined her to bed. I dropped out of school while in Form Three and have been supporting my family through my music.

He was a fan of Bongo music for a long time so when he decided to sing Gospel, God told him in a dream that that is the style he should use. After praying about it he was able to put together some lyrics then he hit the studio. Well that goes to explain the Tanzanian accent in his songs, but why the muslim name? He says that the name has been in the family for many generations even though none of them is a Muslim.

Willy Paul was quite upset when he learnt that Gloria Muliro had registered the song as her’s and was getting all the benefits. He felt like his hard work was not being appreciated and that he was being stolen from. All that aside, the two came to an understanding and now have a 50-50 share of the royalties and have also done another collabo, ‘Kitanzi’. The inspiration to write it came at a time when things were going bad for him. Gloria Muliro was his support system during this time and helped him over come the temptation. They then decided to do a song about this as they are sure there are other people going through the same situation.

Gloria shared this message in support for Willy. She says, “Sometimes we have to sacrifice our best in order to support and help others to achieve their dream. I think and I believe that WILLY PAUL needs, Deserves a second chance from everyone that He offended in one way or the other, for sure he has a learnt a lesson from his past mistakes. God has forgiven him so let us support him. Let us all be behind him for the next release …This time, it is going to be bigger than SITOLIA. If you are ready to pray and support us let me hear you say a big AMEN”.

What about pendo, the under age chic and all the drama around him? What about her? I don’t know her. The first time I saw that lady was at the Kisima Awards gala night and asked if she could take a photo on the red carpet with me. I obliged assuming she was just being an enthusiastic fan. The next thing I’m seeing all this stuff about me and her in the media. She claims to know me and that we were chatting as friends to the extent that i borrowed her some money. Why would I do that when I have my own. I however do not care what she says or what the media says because I know its not true and it will all come to pass. As for the under aged chic that I was supposedly dating, all i can say is haters will stop at nothing to make me look bad to my true fans. There is nothing wrong with me having a friend who is a few years younger than me, when did that become illegal?

He gets the clothes that he wears in his videos from Atlanta but he owes that to an organisation which sponsors his music career. The man responsible for all this is called Karanja, who just sends him the stuff and of course not all his clothes come from outside the country. He also shops locally.

He maintains that he is saved and he found the Lord when he was in Form One. Last year, he was crowned the male artiste of the year in the biggest awards in the gospel scene, Groove Awards. He is really grateful to his fans for the award, however he does not want to be nominated again. He thinks that he should step aside and let others get the lime light and win also. He is now focused on his music and himself, the awards are not ass important any more.

What next?
After rocking the waves with his latest hit Missi, Willy Paul is set to go on a music tour in the land of the free and brave, USA. The excited musician announced his tour on his Facebook account. ‘Dreams always come true, thank you lord my American fans here i come. And my fans thank you for the support, anything is possible with God.. if you believe this then type amen.’ His album is also due to be launched as well as other hit singles. He tells his fans to keep watching this space.