Of parties and beasts

You remember what happened the last time you and your friends attended that Colorfest at Eldy? Yes, that one where Nick drank himself silly mpaka karibu apigane na mabouncers kwa venue. Well, let us reserve that storo for another day.

Almost messed up…

You recall how you and your nigaz almost missed the gig coz Judy’s vitz broke down at Maili Tisa karibu na sijui wapi huko and you had to hike a boda to catch the action? You left Eldy after the Fest with a mixture of feelings and you were like….. ‘Guys, we need a beast of a car next time!’

By the way, you guys need a car. But Pesa Otas buana!  You have been scratching your head like the whoooole year. You need a car. A Subaru Impreza, to be precise, is all you need to be complete. It has been your dream car ever since you learnt to differentiate between a horse and a mule. Your kind of car must be trendy, right?  Hapo hakuna discussion eti oh ama oh, the Subaru Impreza is the real deal.

Meet Nick the sharp guy

Back to Nick… this nigga is that one friend who never runs out of ideas, knows what’s going down, where and when, hakosangi mchoro. Nick hollas you and your other niggaz that he finally bumped into the ultimate mchoro. So, what is it? Nick is talking of a free Subaru Impreza. How now, how, Nick?

The FRESH beast

Fresh chewing gums are rewarding YOU for chewing loyally, yes YOU. A brand new SUBARU IMPREZA is up for grabs! This beast   is an all-wheel drive with a standard all-wheel drive and a low-mounted engine that makes it easy and safe to drive anywhere. It’s interior space in the front and back seat is just something else! You can carry your three niggaz behind and you’ll have enough space in there. It also comes with a five-speed manual. And of course… it’s beautiful.


The Ultimate Mchoro

Simply BUY ANY FOUR-PACK FRESH CHEWING GUM.  Inside the pack, there’s a SECRET CODE. SMS the secret code to the number 31511. Just that! And you could be the sole owner of that Subaru Impreza. You also stand a chance of winning several goodies worth of 50k daily. That’s quite a mchoro, Nick, no?


For much more information and lots of stuff to be won, check out and follow the Fresh Gum handles below. You do not want to be left out!

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