Technology keeps evolving and changing day in,day out. Big companies like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are always looking to improve gadgets and devices to keep up with the times.2017 was the year of the voice-activated assistant, with devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home invading homes everywhere!

Who else felt like Google knew everything about them? It was also the year that smartphone designers figured out how to pack a huge-a$$ screen in a device that’s still easy to hold, as seen in the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8. Here is our compilation of 2017 best gadgets.

  1. Apple watch 3-finally lets you leave your phone at home. Since it supports LTE, you can receive calls and texts on your wrist even when your phone is out of range.
  2. The JBL waterproof Bluetooth speaker- yeah, you heard that right! Makes me want to throw an under-water pool party. JBL could have settled for a speaker that looked cool, but its lava lamp-like Pulse 3 speaker sounds great and can survive underwater.
  3. X Box One X- gaming lovers,where are you at? Its stunning visual and performance upgrades for both its first-party games and select enhanced multi-platform games. That gives the One X a noticeable advantage over its closest competitor, the PS4 Pro.It crams six teraflops and native 4K gaming support into a sleek package, making it the choice console for players who want screaming performance for less than the price of a high-end gaming PC. Microsoft nailed this one.
  4. The Kodak Dock and Wi-Fi Photo Printer- Kodak’s Mini Mobile photo printer  produces professional looking images in the standard “mini” form factor. Fortunately, for those of us looking for a more standardized photo printer, their dye sublimation technology is available in a full size 4×6 inch form factor.Their printing technology looks great for smaller prints.How it works?You simply press the print button (if the phone is in the dock) or tap the screen (when connected via Wi-Fi) to print the image
  5. Sony Alpha A7R III- With notable improvements over its predecessor and a cheaper price than Sony’s A9 Alpha, the recently unveiled Sony Alpha A7R III stands to be one of the best mirrorless cameras ever made. It can shoot at twice the resolution of the A9 and has an autofocus that’s twice as fast as the A7R II.
  6. The 360-Degree Camera Selfie- we cannot forget this on the list. Cameras that produce spherical images could become the new standard in photography.Now that is epic. Producing 360° images and videos is predicted to be the new standard for news coverage and vacation shots and video.
  7. Reinforcement Learning- predicted to be available in 1 to 2 years, reinforcement learning is an approach that relies on artificial intelligence to get computers to learn like people.Yes like us! Without explicit instruction. It is also an enabling technology for self-driving trucks, where reinforcement learning algorithms can be used to provide greater contextual intelligence. Leading companies in this area include  Google and Uber.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S8- Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Android handsets set the standard for smartphones in 2017. It may have not been the first phone with a nearly borderless screen, but the Galaxy S8’s exquisitely curved display certainly made it the among most attractive phones of the year. Not to mention its eye-popping OLED display, which for a long time was the best you could ask for on a phone. Samsung also made an effort to simplify the phone’s software, cutting a lot of the extraneous features that made its older phones feel clunky.
  9. Nintendo Switch- the Nintendo Switch delivers a portable and home console in one that works well wherever you want to play on the go as well as at home.With a 6.2-inch tablet and two versatile, removable Joy-Con controllers, capable of used solo or split for local two-player multiplayer. While lacking the raw power to produce 4K HDR graphics like its rivals, its innovative design is a surprising hit.
  10. iPhone X- Now, there are iphone X lovers and there are Samsung 8 lovers. No doubt about that! So can i now get into describing why iPhone X is number one on the list? Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, you’ll probably have a hard time getting your hands on one. And yes, Android did it first. But the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge screen and facial recognition system will undoubtedly set a new standard for phones to come. For one, Apple’s Face ID system, even despite the security concerns, is already being used in more creative ways than Samsung’s facial identification tech. Third-party apps like Snapchat and Warby Parker are taking advantage of the iPhone X’s face-mapping technology to project realistic masks over your eyes or select glasses that suit your face’s shape. That, combined with a sharp camera, long battery life, and large screen packed into a more palatable size, make Apple’s iPhone X a top pick.


What is your fave tech this year?