Wordpress App Do you like to read? No, well neither do I. But hey, we all love reading some short, interesting stories to kick off a good morning or to mark an end to a long tiresome day right?

Now imagine a platform that offers links to such stories, stories not only published by Kenyan authors but by authors from the entire global space. How does that sound? Interesting? Well, welcome to Word Press.

Word Press is an application linked to one of the world’s biggest blogger sites, wordpress.com. Here you can find stories by world renowned authors, scientists, researchers and simple bloggers like you and I who have writing under their list of hobbies. What’s more is that with the Word Press application one can also publish their own articles straight to their site for the world to see or keep a private blog to show off only to their friends.

Wordpress AppThe Word Press application hosts thousands of published stories well placed under categories like humor, sports, science and more which help you select exactly what you would like to read and as well as keep a list of bloggers whose stories you’d never want to miss and you’ll find these stories waiting for you as soon as you log in.

Now you can finally forget about carrying around lump sum books or novels and quickly gain access to as many interesting stories as possible from your phone or tab using the Word Press application which is available for download at The Google Play Store. Go get it now and remember to thank me later.

By Kevin Kibera