A new year, a new you! You say it every year, but every year it’s more like the last year – no change. So this year we’re going to teach you a trick that hopefully, will change how things end up for you in December. The trick is simple: DON’T WORK HARD!

Yes, don’t work hard. Instead, you need how to work SMART. What’s working SMART? Our resident biz guru, Cale Harrison Itumu shows you how:

work-smarterSpecific – you’ve got to know exactly what you’re after. Hence why “I want to be fitter “ isn’t a great goal. After all I could lose weight if I ate less cheesecake (a big if), but that won’t really help me run faster, lift more or swim faster, which are the reasons why I want to be fitter. As such I’m setting definite goals so I can’t kid myself. If you’re trying to get fit I’d suggest a 10k run, after all, you only really need trainers and some clothes- I wear a garish 90s style tracksuit, but that is strictly optional.

Measurable – means you can quantify it, for example I’ll know how fast I’m running each time and I can compare this to my average. This brings success closer, because I know how much I need to improve. On a tangent this is why past papers are amazing, you can always tell how close you are to your ideal.

Attainable – means it’s possible, me competing in the 2016 Olympics is not going to happen unless Twitter becomes an event, I genuinely thought Wimbledon was a football stadium until recently. Therefore I’m setting goals that I know will stretch me, but not break me. It’s also best to set lots of little goals that build up to your big goal.

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Relevant – because whilst reading more poetry is admirable it won’t help you run faster. Realising which goals are relevant is crucially important to business, because your time and energy are not infinite. It also helps when studying, my Uni’s library opens 24 hours and the amount of people who sit there for 12 hours is unreal, but most of their time is spent on Facebook, this is completely irrelevant of their (implied) goal of studying.

Time-framed – this is important because without it you could be working on the wrong goal. There’s no point working on yesterday’s problems today.

Cale Harrison Itimu