Shmurda Bobby
Caught a body bout a week ago

The streetz are buzzin‘ about a cat from Brooklyn called Bobby Shmurda. The Gram & Vine are on rotation reeling a dance called the ‘Shmoney.’ So how come we getting calls and emails asking us about Bobby Shmurda and the Shmoney Dance?

Shmurda Bobby
This is Bobby Shmurda

We’ll tell you why; it’s coz cats don’t want to publicly admit they’re clueless about the Shmurda madness. So we’re gonna do all those who have no idea what this is all about by giving you the 411. We gonna break it down like this:

Bobby Shmurda has had one of the biggest hip hop joints of 2014 ‘Hot N**ga.’ The video, which contains a choreography that was later named the “Shmoney dance”, was actually shot in 2013, but released in March this year.

Earlier in February this year, Bobby Shmurda teamed up with another cat called Rowdy Rebbel to release a track called ‘Shmoney Dance.’ In the track, the MC’s can be seen to be doing THE dance…

Thereafter, it’s like Illuminati took over. The song became popular in The Vine & soon lead to the “Shmoney dance” meme. Beyoncé did the move at her On the Run Tour. Drake used the song while hosting the 2014 ESPY Awards. Chris Brown did the dance, and even recently, RiRi was also Shmoneying.

And that was just the beginning. Even freestyles by Juicy J, French Montana, Lil Kim, Gunplay, and T.I. were soon to follow. And it don’t stop. Looks like the whole world is now doing the Shmoney Dance and Bobby Shmurda’s star is beginning to shine brighter as he has been signed to Epic Records.

Shmurda Bobby
This still is Bobby Shmurda

Now, the question that must be on your mind is, “how the h*ll do you do the Shmoney Dance?” And that’s a valid question. Well, it’s a really easy jig to do. Who best to show you how than Bobby Shmurda himself?…

You can also learn from The Vine, people all over the world are doing the Shmoney Dance, and so can you…

Or you can get tips from this step-by-step tutorial right below…

Finally, and what does the most memorable line in ‘Hot N***a’ – “Mitch caught body about a week ago…” – mean? To put it rather subtly; Mitch killed someone about 7 days ago. #thatisall #shmoneydance #bobbyshmurda