The Insyder Xperience
@_Mutio__ at Xit Fest

XIT Fest was a bashment that all those who attended will never forget. The event saw teeniez coming from all corners of Nairobi county. Rain and slight showers were part of the morning hours of the day but nothing could stop the party like none can stop reggae.

XIT fest has always been characterized by fun and music. This year’s event did not miss any of the above. There were performances from different groups and artists on the dance floor. The Blaze HUB winners from season one had a chance to wow the crowd with their wonderful performances. Alvin, Darmi,Vanessa,Sam and Prince Lavani all made their impression felt and did a really good job of hyping the crowd.

Dj TeenRosh seemed to know what the crowd wanted as he kept them on their feet for part of the day before Dj Tophaz took the wheel. He also did not fail the crowd as fire mixxes was what he brought to the XIT stage.

The MCs for the day were Max Sandova and Branden who ensured the Djs played all the crowds requests. Star performances from Hype man Ochi and Kym Keam also were one of the most remarkable moments of the much anticipated XIT Fest event.


Blaze Kenya being the main sponsors of the event ensured that the teeniez got goodies through interactions that happened on stage. These interactions included rap battles, dances and even singing from the attendees.

The epitome of the day was when Ochungulo family family and Naiboi performed. Their performance was made possible with fire mixxes from Dj Demakufu who the crowd could not get enough of. Ochungulo family performed most of their songs including their newly released track Aluta. Naiboi wowed the crowd with his songs. Brown Mauzo was also in attendance from the Pacho records convoy.

The E-nsyder Fifa tournament was also a highlight of the day with winners walking away with epic cash prizes.

XIT fest was a success so be sure not to miss the next big thing to be announced soon.