For us fans, one of the most stressful parts of attending a concert is figuring out what to wear. That’s why we put together this guide to help you decide what to wear to the Coca-Cola #XiTFEST on the 16th of December to come watch your favourite act.

From street wear bomber jackets to sleek black leather pieces, crop tops, and sneakers, lots of sneakers, here are 10 utterly cool outfits for inspiration on what to wear to the #XiTFEST

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  • Kurt Cobian eyewear– old-school happens to be the new school. Yes, these glasses are not as new as we thought. Kurt Cobain’s ’90s-Style white oval sunglasses are making a massive comeback. Besides the likes of Lil Yatchy,  seem to be in style in them.

  • The fishnet– surprisingly enough,fishnet tights and socks have been popping up on the legs of many a street style star in the past months. They have mostly been styled under jeans or pair of shorts…or even a dress and it adds just the right amount of edge.

  • Unnatural hair colours– this style seems to be catching up on both ladies and gents. Kanye was in on this a while back and we cannot help it but want to seem trendy as well. People seem to be okay with the idea of their hair being so blonde…almost white.

  • 90s inspired sportswear– this flex is not going anywhere. It’s no surprise that said sleepy sportswear giants like Kappa and FILA are reawakening. In fact, all of these brands are back with refreshed yet retro product offerings and new collections to capitalize on their own trend power.

  • Bomber jackets– originally made out of heavy-duty leather, this bulky piece of outerwear has gone through an immense amount of changes. Today, the former pilot jacket comes in almost every variety you can think of with the most popular one being the camouflage type of.

  • Off-shoulder-this trend got people rocking everything on off-shoulder. You can pick up a shirt and choose to no button it all the way up and boom! Dresses, jackets and tops can all have this style.

  • Dungaree– also known as the overall, this unisex style is still a ‘thing. ‘Over a white t-shirt or a knitted sweater is the new look for this never-dying piece. You could also do an usual kitenge piece like this one.

  • Classic Sneakers-I think we’re starting to see that clean classic sneakers are not as exciting anymore. It’s now about sneakers that are embellished or have something like emojis or logos on them. Also, you could choose to rock VANS as a substitute.

  • Mom Jeans-Straight out of the ’90s, Mom jeans are here to stay. They have a rigid, tapered leg but don’t scrimp on comfort – you can wear these all day. Style rolled to the ankles and show off the high waist with a crop top.

  • Ceaser fade– We are no longer about the boring ceaser fade with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert changing this look with hanging braids/dreads on the side. Too make it pop, add colour onto it. Go as crazy as green colour.

What other styles would you rock to the #XitFest?