Social Media bigwig Xtiandela

Social media bigwig Xtian Dela is a bitter man. This is after some mama repeatedly sent him photos and messages (which he says are disturbing) via whatsapp. In an Instagram rant, Dela posted a chat where the seemingly old lady (Sponsoress) sent him a photo of herself in a pair of white shorts , white T-shirt and white cap. It’s not clear how she got Xtian Dela’s number though. After the photo, Xtian Dela replied “You are thye age of my mother. May God forgive you. I will say a special prayer for you today. This is very painful to look at. You just spoilt my day.”

“This person is someone’s mother. She has been disturbing me, sending me all kinds of pictures and messages that I have been deleting and ignoring but…aaai…this is too much!” he wrote.