XTR get discovered
Mishu fires up with her first single 'Downtown'

As we count down to #XTR2014, we will be highlighting some of Kenya’s up & coming teen stars. #XTR2014 is all about getting discovered and the road to fame. If you are a teenie who feels that you’ve got the talent to become the next superstar, then you’ve got to register for #XTR2014 and show the world what you’ve got!

Check out Mishu (17), from Aga Khan Academy, with her dancehall jam called ‘Downtown‘. Holla back & this time the only way to let us know what you think is by sharing your video with us!

Think you’ve got more talent than Mishu?

Then put your voice where your mouth is! Register for XTR by doing the following:

1. Email: Send us a link of your YouTube video, SoundCloud clip or wherever your performance may be located online. Email to: yuaholla@theinsyder.com or if you’ve got the confidence to share your talent with the world – post it on our Facebook wall https://www.facebook.com/Insydermagazine followed by the hashtag #XTR2014

2. Whatsapp: Send us a short clip, of not more than 30 seconds, of you singing/rapping your heart out. Use our official whatsapp line: 0707 595 657

3. Instagram: Upload your short video clip to Instagram (you only get 15 seconds on IG) & post it using any one or all of these hashtags #XTR2014 #254Next #NiTimeYangu

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Are you Kenya’s next teen superstar?