Xtreme Talent Roll Out
Are you Kenya’s next teen superstar?

The road to fame. If you are a teenie who feels that you’ve got the talent to become the next superstar, then you’ve got to register for #XTR2014 and show the world what you’ve got!

Register for XTR by doing the following:

1. Email: Send us a link of your YouTube video, SoundCloud clip or wherever your performance may be located online. Email to: yuaholla@theinsyder.com or if you’ve got the confidence to share your talent with the world – post it on our Facebook wall https://www.facebook.com/Insydermagazine followed by the hashtag #XTR2014

2. Whatsapp: Send us a short clip, of not more than 30 seconds, of you singing/rapping your heart out. Use our official whatsapp line: 0707 595 657

3. Instagram: Upload your short video clip to Instagram (you only get 15 seconds on IG) & post it using any one or all of these hashtags #XTR2014 #254Next #NiTimeYangu