Empire TV series Jamal LyonsOn the smash drama ‘Empire’ Jussie Smollett plays Jamal Lyons, a gay R&B singer who has struggled all his life with his homo-hating father. It’s one of the show’s most dramatic plot lines — and it’s inevitably has led to viewers speculating about Smollett’s real-life sexuality. Until now, Smollett would not comment.

Some fans wondered if life would imitate art, given that Jamal just came out in a recent episode. The rumors snowballed. One of Smollett’s co-stars, Malik Yoba, was forced to issue a statement that he was “misquoted” in an interview where he said Smollett was gay.

So to put an end to the speculation, Smollett appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime talk show Monday afternoon. Yes, he confirmed, he’s gay — but he still doesn’t want to talk about his personal life.

The way it all came out was quite unusual, though. Seems that Smollett initially went on the show without any intention of making any big personal announcement. During their interview, DeGeneres brought up Smollett’s character’s coming-out, and Smollett gave a vague response about how he’s received some ignorant tweets. “We can’t just sit around and let people spew nasty things and just think that that’s okay,” he said.

Source: Washington Post