Yet another policeman tried to kill his fellow security men at Diani Police Station,Kwale County.

This cases are now on the increase and we tend to stop and wonder…Why?

These are the men supposed to protect us from thugs btw,so it leaves us scared for our lives when we here the number of cases reported about rogue policemen.

Constable Hans Mwambuyu unsuccessfully tried to grab a G3 rifle from another officer to shoot his colleagues and other residents.

After the failed attempt he rushed to his house to pick his gun where he was captured by other officers.

Jane Gatune,another Constable, said that the disturbed officer had assaulted a resident before trying to shoot him.

He also damaged property in the midst of the saga.

If I may ask,what exactly is causing this crisis?

Just a few weeks ago,an officer killed his boss IN Nakuru County.

We all remember the Kapenguria saga,yeah?