yg3Rapper YG, the MC of the “My Hitta” fame, according to a report by TMZ was allegedly shot at an L.A recording studio at around 1:45 am.

He was shot three times in the hip by an unknown assailant who is still at large. Reportedly, he managed to get into the car in which he was driven to the hospital by one of his group. Law enforcement officers visited the hospital to question him but they say he is cooperating. He doesn’t wanna snitch I guess. The police have already been to the scene where shell casings and blood on the side walk.

Word from his team says that YG is doing fine and the injuries were not fatal.

Shootings are not new to hip hop. The hip hop of old thrived on violence. Today, however, hip hop tends to rely more on the portrayal of violence rather than the acts themselves. With the recent death of Chinx, however, and now this, could things be headed back to the days of thug life?

We wish him a quick recovery.


Joe Black