Rue Baby has crossed Akothee’s paths many times but they still make up and pull through. The strong chemistry between mother and daughter is undeniable. Fans recently trolled Rue after she posted a pic on I.G. besides a friend with the caption “On the grind with my boo…”
The photo could have raised suspicion about Rue being gay.

Why on earth would anyone suspect Rue of being a lesbian? Because of her hairstyle? It’s a trademark peeps! Or is it because she doesn’t show her boyfriend off? Maybe she has decided to keep her private matters private. You all know the fate of most of these I.G. couples.
Talking about her boyfriend, word has it that M.C.A Tricky has a major crush on her but well maybe they are just colleagues working on a project.

Rue took to her Facebook page with a heartfelt message to hit back at her fans and haters. “With Akothee as my mother and you know here you still think am not straight. Mamangu anisomeshe hizi miaka zote ndio nimletee mwanamke kwa nyumba…?”

Come to think of it, Akothee being a strict disciplinarian, who would imagine of any of her children going astray? And which she-male would face Akothee to ask for Rue’s hand in marriage? Rue’s fans are only having baseless suspicions. Let’s hope against hope that Rue will unveil her Prince charming very soon.